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Honeycomb Co Studios

Welcome to Honeycomb Co Studios!


We're an artisan honey shop! You'll find a selected collection of infused honey that's sure to fit any occasion. Handcrafted by local shopkeepers near and far. Our selection is made according to its source of origin, purity, creativity, wholesomeness and health support. All of our partner brands practice environmentally friendly & sustainable harvesting practices. We take pride in offering premium raw and unfiltered honey while maintaining quality customer service and satisfaction.

​Infused honey, dry herbs and spices, combined with raw honey can be a powerful food source that'll assist you in healthy living. Use as a substitute for syrups and sugars. Try in dishes or as a topping for desserts...even breads and pastries. Infused honey is always a teas delight and can be a healthier alternative to sugar in coffee.


Take a look at our growing collection. We enjoy sharing our love of honey with you. Thank you for being a valued customer.



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Model, Honey Purveyor

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